Drive Shaft for Brushcutter

All the processes such as press deformation process at the shaft end (using our own techniques), straight cutting + 2 roll straightener and induction quenching, are done in our plant, where the characteristic requirements for brushcutter drive shaft such as light weight, durability, high precision (roundness, straightness) are fulfilled.

[Advantages of deformation process]
Our production process is smooth and without issues, even for involute spline for pipe type in cutting process, concern in hardness due to increased gear flank space. Also, there is no concern in making rectangle or oval shape at the end of pipe type. Therefore, either bar type or pipe type, mold changing is no longer necessary and makes the products lighter. In addition,
              Environmental aspect . . . No chips produced
              Cost aspect. . . Conserve energy due to shorter time in machining
              Hardness . . . Metal fiber has not been cut etc.

[Standard specification]
(1) Material properties: S45  S48 or equivalent
(2) Size: bar type ... outer diameters φ6mm, φ7mm, φ8mm, φ10mm
              pipe type…outer diameters φ6mm, φ7mm, φ8mm, φ10mm
              thickness…1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.7 mm etc
              length can be adjusted to customers’ needs.
(3) Deflection: 0.2mm or less for 1,000mm long
(4) Shape at the end: spline , square , screw , oval , socket etc

伝動軸端部形状 伝動軸端部形状