Various Metal Materials And Parts

Since the company was established, we have put a lot of effort into using and selling precision and high quality raw materials from abroad. We can manage production by using foreign raw materials specified by customers, or we can purchase required products from abroad and sell to customers as well. We have imported and supported Ni-Co alloy for use as drive part of the main spring and laminated core material of high-speed spindle motor of the mechanical watch, and also soft magnetic material of quartz watch for a long time. Our business model includes importing and selling various stainless materials and high carbon steel, and producing high precision centerless materials from such materials, and our products also received favorable reputation from domestic and overseas customers. We also sell aluminum parts or materials for aluminum parts for office automation equipment to leading companies in Japan. Furthermore, we sell parts to one of the world’s largest neodymium magnet manufacturer in China.

Main manufacturers
・Aperam Alloys Imphy (France)
・Sandvik Materials Technology (Sweden)
・Ugitech SA (France)
・Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan Hi-Tech Co., LTD. (China)
・Zhongshan Well Sure Metal Products Co., LTD (China)
●Mechanism parts
We will make use of our long experience in the metal business to provide the best manufacturing method to support your needs. We also support a wide range of high quality products from cutting parts produced from composite NC lathe to sintered parts, pressed parts and forged parts.

Example of main products
・ Piston rod/ crank shaft (for small engine)
・ Sintered connecting rod (for small engine)
・ High precision shaft