High Precision Centerless Ground Cold Finished Bar

・Precision ground steel bar (materials ground from centerless grinding machine)

As stated in the motto, our company is very particular about straightness of our precision ground steel bar. For making high precision outer dimension, the straightness of raw material is crucial. We control the straightness by using proprietary straightness measuring machine (patent received) from coil materials into the straight cutting process, and we also operate high level of accuracy of centerless grinding. For the very thin bar of φ0.1mm, the straightness of material can be up to 1/1,000 mm.

Steel type: SUS, SK, SKH, SCM, SJ2, SC, SS and related steel types,

                 Copper alloy material (C3604, BeCu), Aluminum material,

                 nonferrous metal

Machining size: φ0.6mm~φ12mm

Standard machining precision: Outer diameter tolerance +0, -5 µm
                                             Roundness/Cylindricity less than 2µm
Special machining precision: Outer diameter tolerance ±0.5 µm
                                           Cylindricity ±0.5 µm


Extra fine wire straight cutting

We are challenging in straight cutting of φ0.1mm by own developed machine. At the present, we are capable of machining until 0.25 mm (SUS304WPB etc)

コイル材の写真 伝動軸端部形状