Message from the President

Be able to share values to all stakeholders.
We are aiming to be such company.

Since 1967 establishment, our company is very particular about special steel's grinding.We keep improving our products, technics and persons.
At present, we can do precision ground material, down to extrafine 0.6mm,
roundness 1μm is also reached.
For precision parts, we give importance to making parts from grinding and plastic working.
Besides, for Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, Precious metal' grinding is our speciality and we receive a high reputation from Southeast Asia, Europe and America customer.
We will further brushing up our high precision grinding, by keep improving day
by day, and will pushing ourself to be high-growing company by everyone's collaboration.
We will create educational staff working place and a good environment for staff to develop.
Moreover, we will respond to customer needs by using our accumulated grinding technics, and supplying more reliable products as our mission, to develop and make progress toward「100 years company」.