Corporate Profile

Trade name: International Alloy Corp.
Address: 4-2 Hatchobori 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: January 10, 1967
President: Kazuya Ueda
Number of employees: 44 (as of July 01, 2023)
Capital: 60 million yen
Accounting period: July (yearly cycle)
Description of business: 1. Export
[Main export country: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Europe]
(1) Precision centerless ground bar:
Free cutting steel, free cutting stainless steel, high carbon free cutting tool steel
(2) Secondary operation special steel products:
drawing (round, hexagon, square, cold drawing,
thin stainless tube)

2. Import
(1) Metal materials
(2) Machine for various metalworking
(3) Secondary operation nonferrous metal products
(4) Various metalworking, secondary materials for manufacturing

3. Domestic sales
(1) Office automation equipment parts: paper feeding roller of color photocopying machine, photosensitive drum, sleeve, motor shaft
(2) Precision centerless ground bar:
free cutting steel, free cutting stainless steel, general special steel
(3) Precision drawing materials: special steel, stainless steel, stainless pipe, steel pipe, nonferrous metal
(4) Precision machining: precision 2 roll straighten, straight cutting, centerless grinding etc.
(5) Precision parts: various drive shaft for brushcutter, engine pin, manufacture and sell pump parts

Company History

10 Jan. 1967 Company established in Tokyo with capital of 2.5 million yen.
26 Jun. 1967 Paid-in capital was increased to 5 million yen.
2 Nov. 1967 Established KOYO SANGYO as a subsidiary
1 Mar. 1968 Signed the contract with UK firm, Bronx Engineering and became authorized distributor of steel bar and pipe straightener in Far East.
29 Sep. 1971 Paid-in capital was increased to 10 million yen.
27 Feb. 1978 Paid-in capital was increased to 30 million yen.
28 Apr. 1988 Established plant in Yamanashi prefecture
28 Apr. 1989 Paid-in capital was increased to 60 million yen.
1 Nov. 1992 Established INTER-ALLOY SINGAPORE PTE LTD., subsidiary in Singapore.
30 Jan. 1995 Head office was moved to 6-11 New river tower, Shinkawa 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
19 Jan. 2001 Received ISO9002 certification (Yamanashi plant)
1 Jan. 2004 Head office was moved to 4-2 Hatchobori 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Jan. 2004 Established INTERNATIONAL ALLOY HONG KONG CO. LIMITED, subsidiary in Hong Kong.
28 Feb. 2005 Received the 30th invention award from The Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions and Nikkan Kougyo Shimbun, Ltd.
18 Apr. 2005 Received the science and technology award from minister of education, culture, sports and technology of Japan regarding excellent technology of deformation processing of brushcutter’s thin shaft pipe
24 Jun. 2005 Received ISO9001 certification
10 Apr. 2006 Received the 18th excellent technology and product award from The Risona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion.
27 Jan. 2012 Received patent for straightness measuring system of bar material.
1 Oct. 2015 Drive shaft production base moved to Second Plant.

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